about you iconAbout You

We don't do the 'hard sell', and even if we did, we wouldn’t be any good at it.  Advising people isn’t answering an exam question where the right and wrong answer is always the same.  The client is the only one who knows whether the advice will work for their situation, and so each person is treated individually.

After an initial no pressure consultation (at our expense not yours) we provide information and advice tailored to your personal situation. As a completely independent financial adviser, we have no ties with selected providers. This means we spend our time finding the best deal for you.

together iconWorking Together

If you do decide to visit us, there are three excellent reasons to leave your pen at home:

1. If it breaks, it could ruin your new shirt.
2. You're not expected to sign anything when you first visit.
3. We could probably stretch to lending you one anyway.

wealthwise circle iconTailored Advice

Our advice depends on our client’s attitude to risk and their financial circumstances. We establish this by getting to know new clients better. We do a complete risk profiler, and a fact find, which go together with our knowledge and experience to find you the best outcomes.

We might persuade you to buy things - if you can afford to buy them!  Having money is not the objective in it’s own right - it is a way of looking after you; if you use it wisely.